Turbolinks demo

Are Turbolinks going to stay? I seriously doubt it. I suspect the idea will be evolving and we will see and Virtual DOM (React? vDom?) mixed into the equation. Isomorphic Ruby maybe (another buzzword!)? Volt Framework might steal the Rails’ thunder at some point, but it’s not quite there just yet. Maybe less revolutionary approach of React on Rails will take over the world (possibly thanks to that publication )? It looks like, however, there is still going to be space for traditional applications, that return HTML from the server, and are not SPAs, at least in foreseeable future. That means Rails is not going away anytime soon.

Rails developers are usually pretty lazy when it comes to Javascript (although, most developers are pretty lazy). JQuery waits for DOMContentLoaded to fire before handing off execution to the function in ready . But Turbolinks takes DOMContentLoaded away from us, and gives us a couple other events instead . Try attaching events to these instead, or using JQuery’s .on to attach event handlers to the document (as opposed to individual nodes). This removal of the load and DOMContentLoaded events can wreak havoc on existing Javascript that uses page ready listeners everywhere, and why I wouldn’t recommend using Turbolinks on existing projects, and using it for greenfield only.

Turbolinks demo

turbolinks demo


turbolinks demoturbolinks demoturbolinks demoturbolinks demoturbolinks demo