Treatment of nasal polyps with steroids

Ok, my polyps were sooo bad they were almost out my nostrils.
I went in and had the operation and got them removed. I was told “they will come back,,,,,its not a question of if they’ll come back, but a question of when”
Sure enough, about 1 year later, they came back and were just as bad as before the op.
I got a chest infection and the doctor put me on prednisalone and they shrunk. The doctor didnt know thats the effect they would have and was pretty shocked.
They came back a little bit more, and I was prescribed with a nasal spray called “Avamys”.
The polyps have completely gone and I havent had them for about 2 years now.
Didnt change my diet.
I havent even needed to use the avamys for over 6 months now as they’re completely gone.

1)  A teaspoon of castor oil mixed consumed everyday will help in reducing the polyp size.  Castor oil can be taken by itself or mixed in soups or juices to make it more agreeable to one’s palate.  The excess body heat brought about by consumption of castor oil will expel moisture from the polyps and reduce them to a smaller size.  Castor oil is also used to help the body in bringing down inflammations.  Also, castor oil will boost the individual’s immune system, enabling their body to fight against viral and bacterial infections that can set in due to these abnormal growths in their sinuses.

Home remedies though may be effective, they require a lot of time to begin showing satisfactory results.  Use this information presented in the system titled Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle , created by Manuel Richards to enjoy noticeable results in a limited period of time.  This product, that contains simple natural treatments, has come into existence after conducting years of research, after trying out one or more ways to reach the desired results.  The instructions given and knowledge gained will help one in getting rid of nasal polyps all by themselves, without any support from steroid use, or surgical interventions.  It involves only natural processes, like dietary changes, exercises to be done, and avoidance of certain commonly used products.  The author vouches that these methods will not be available elsewhere, and wants those who have this vehement desire to get rid of nasal polyps permanently to know about them.

Treatment of nasal polyps with steroids

treatment of nasal polyps with steroids


treatment of nasal polyps with steroidstreatment of nasal polyps with steroidstreatment of nasal polyps with steroidstreatment of nasal polyps with steroidstreatment of nasal polyps with steroids