Tbol cycle gains

Stop the cycle now bro, youve only ran it for a week so it wouldn't have damaged your endocrine system too bad. Orals are pretty suppressive so you might want to run a short PCT like a week. Then you need to research more into why you need testosterone such as Test E or C as a base and why you shouldnt run cycles too young, You wont achieve any gains off this cycle bro, everything you gain will come right off when you stop the cycle, even with a good PCT. which is why you should stop now and save yourself the time, effort and money and research more.

If you aren’t making progress right now, I guarantee if you fix the above three you will see something. Hell, maybe it’s time to change programs. I don’t believe in training ADD, but even Thibs advocates changing programs periodically. Throwing pills down your throat won’t magically make things better, you still have to train properly and eat for the weight you want to gain and maintain. If you haven’t outlined a change in your training and diet plan for this “cycle”, then you definitely shouldn’t be using anything, let alone a double-oral-only.

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Tbol cycle gains

tbol cycle gains


tbol cycle gainstbol cycle gainstbol cycle gainstbol cycle gainstbol cycle gains