Steroid legality in usa

“There was a joke: If you did not test positive for steroids, you were fired,” former wrestler and broadcaster Bruno Sammartino told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1991. Even 24 years later, many of the same issues rise to the surface. Last November, former WWE superstar CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) spoke out for the first time since his January departure from the organization. On a recent episode of the podcast The Art of Wrestling , Brooks explained the constant tension between him and the medical staff in regards to having a clean bill of health.

Health problems. Lots of things that can go wrong here but I wont bother to go into too much detail because you have heard it all before. These problems are very dosage dependent and drug dependent. Enlargement of the heart is probably the biggest problem. Although enlarging your heart sounds like a good thing, its very, very bad and is what leads to heart attacks in young bodybuilders. Damaging your kidneys and liver is another relatively common problem as the body works overtime to filter out stuff that it doesnt want. Then there is the problem with natural testosterone production being shut down.

Steroid legality in usa

steroid legality in usa


steroid legality in usasteroid legality in usasteroid legality in usasteroid legality in usa