Should pro athletes use steroids

It is intellectually dishonest to ignore the facts that surgery never has been a medically necessary procedure for treating gender dysphoria and that taking cross-gender hormones can be harmful.  Modern transgender activists, the descendants of Kinsey, Benjamin, and John Money, keep alive the practice of medically unnecessary gender-change surgery by controlling the flow of published information and by squelching research and personal stories that tell of the regret, unhappiness, and suicide experienced by those who undergo such surgery. Negative outcomes are only acknowledged as a way to blame society for its transphobia.

What was most egregious about all of the Uncle Tom foolery was that white people were watching, reading and listening — just as we were — as the men criticized a fellow black man for standing up for us. It’s embarrassing. If they were adamantly against Kaepernick’s decision to put his pro-blackness on full display they could have sent homeboy a DM. Yes, some of them were asked to give input on the controversy, but as public figures they should have learned the art of curving questions by now. Rather than telling Kaepernick not to be “loud” about his commitment to racial equality, do our people a favor and be quiet.

Should pro athletes use steroids

should pro athletes use steroids


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