Rich piana before steroids

But his absence will leave a gaping hole in the scene. Other stars will rise up, getting similar or better metrics than what Piana got, but they will feel empty. The looks into their inner lives will feel stilted, or worse yet, boring. They won’t be able to combine Rob Liefeld-esque proportions with the almost ASMR-like quality Piana ordering fast food could have. There simply won’t be another like him. And no matter whether people watched his videos to brighten their day or to shit on him, they will feel a withdrawal pang at the back of their mind, a pit the size of Piana that will be felt in the world at large.

Why did he not go to doctors on a regular basis his arteries in his heart were narrowing and the heart was to big for the chamber and his brain was swollen and his lungs were full of fluid ,that’s a lot of things working against him and I was lucky enough to wake up one morning in 2004 and could hardly breath and went to emergency room and 90 percent of my arteries were blocked and they rushed me into surgery and put stents in my heart and I also did a lot of street drugs while doing my career and very grateful to be alive .I never weighed as much as Rich and his heart was working very hard to pump blood but it makes sense that the head injury is to blame and I really don’t care about the toxicology report I’m friends with his mom and wtf why are people still talking shit and now his mom has to relive this nightmare all over again have some respect Rich was a man who chose his journey in his life like myself I’m just lucky to be alive today .I constantly tell guys I work with to get blood work and have the hearts checked out at least once a year and people have to realize steroids are cholesterol binding in the heart and clogged the arteries,it’s common sense and people chose to ignore this all together .

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Rich piana before steroids

rich piana before steroids


rich piana before steroidsrich piana before steroidsrich piana before steroidsrich piana before steroidsrich piana before steroids