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The Silver State is fast becoming a major player in the world of retail weed. Nevada’s medical cannabis law has been on the books for nearly two decades, and the law allows for reciprocity—meaning that legal pot patients from any other state can come to Nevada and purchase up to ounces in a dispensary. In 2016, Nevada voters legalized recreational weed. Rec sales are expected to begin this summer, and it’s safe to assume that, like everything in Vegas, they’re going to be big. Until then, here are our favorite medical shops in Nevada.

“I think that’s likely from everything he’s said,” said Sen. Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, who chairs the intelligence committee.
But it was not clear if the President planned to issue such an order or simply release a plan to Congress with recommendations for how to close the controversial base. The recommendations, which come from the Department of Defense, are expected to list pros and cons of possible places to house detainees within the ., including locations in Kansas, South Carolina and Colorado.
On Monday, Obama’s spokesman didn’t rule out executive action.
“I certainly wouldn’t take off the table the ability of the President to use whatever authority is available to him to try to move closer to accomplishing this goal,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest. “I don’t say that with any specific action in mind. I just say it to illustrate to you the determination that the President feels to try to get this done.”
Meanwhile, one of the few GOP proponents of shutting the prison is frustrated the White House hasn’t developed a comprehensive plan to do so.
“We need a specific plan, one that I’ve been seeking for six and a half years,” said Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, who predicted that whatever the President releases “won’t be satisfactory.”
McCain also said if Obama acted unilaterally, it would “undermine the Constitution of the United States.” He predicted congressional Republicans would turn to the courts to block the action.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned the President not to act on his … Read More

Since the  New Hampshire medical marijuana program  is still changing their laws and new New Hampshire medical marijuana laws are being enacted on a regular basis, please be sure to visit our site frequently to get the most updated laws as it pertains to the New Hampshire medical marijuana program. Please click a corresponding link to find out more about New Hampshire's Medical Marijuana Program. We have compiled the following New Hampshire medical marijuana index of information to serve as a medical library to our users for legal reference of New Hampshire's laws, guidelines and program details regarding medical cannabis use in New Hampshire.

New england dispensaries steroid

new england dispensaries steroid


new england dispensaries steroidnew england dispensaries steroidnew england dispensaries steroidnew england dispensaries steroidnew england dispensaries steroid