Metrocream for steroid induced rosacea

Oral and topical antibiotics are often ineffective in the treatment of erythema and flushing. The most effective way to prevent the occurrence of flushing episodes and the progression of the disease is to avoid the associated trigger factors. Low-dose clonidine (Catapres; mg twice daily) may be effective in controlling flushing, especially in women who are postmenopausal. 18 A nonselective beta blocker (such as long-acting propranolol [Inderal], 80 to 240 mg daily, and nadolol [Corgard], 40 to 80 mg daily) may also be used to treat erythema and flushing. 18

How is This Condition Treated?
An oral antibiotic, like tetracycline/minocycline/doxycycline, is the most common treatment for perioral dermatitis. Treatment may be needed for several months to prevent recurrence. For milder cases, topical antibiotic creams (eg. Metrocream, Noritate, Clindamycin) and/or anti-inflammatory creams (. Elidel) may be used, sometimes in combination. Occasionally, your dermatologist may recommend a specific corticosteroid cream, just for a short time to help your appearance while the antibiotics are taking time to act.

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Metrocream for steroid induced rosacea

metrocream for steroid induced rosacea


metrocream for steroid induced rosaceametrocream for steroid induced rosacea