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Ronnie is shocked to see Sammi return. At the club, he tries to get back on her good side but she gives him the cold shoulder for now. Snooki tells Sam that she has feelings for Vinny but is heartbroken when she finds him "smushing" a girl he brought home from the club. The gang goes out bowling and realize Deena is a bad driver and Sammi and Jenni try to get Vinny to talk to Snooki about her feelings and their relationship. Then the roommates finally cannot stand the clogged toilet and decide to call a plumber who finds a tank top in the toilet. Ronnie, Sam, and Snooki play a prank on Mike by covering his bed with grated cheese that causes him to believe the girl he brought home has a yeast infection and Vinny and Snooki finally talk about their relationship.

You may have forgotten but Jenni had a boyfriend when originally coming into the shore house, but was immediately attracted to Pauly — after a night out of dancing, he showed her his penis piercing. Yes, really. Pauly immediately admits that Jenni’s husband,  Roger Mathews , would beat him up if that happened. Jenni then fires back at Snooki , asking “Would you still f–k Mike?!”  Yikes , things are awkward as could be. We all know that was part of the reason they weren’t friends over the past five years — he claimed they hooked up when she was with her now-husband, Jionni LaValle , and she said it never happened.

Jersey shore roger steroids

jersey shore roger steroids


jersey shore roger steroidsjersey shore roger steroidsjersey shore roger steroidsjersey shore roger steroidsjersey shore roger steroids