Gnc products like steroids

Well my boyfriend has been taking this product and there must be something in it he is allergic to because he has nausea before he eats and after also he is broken out but of course he doesn’t think its these pills causing the problems which are many. I feel like its the pills and I feel like he’s having allergic reactions. Also he has had blood in stools . I am thinking there’s something in this product eating his stomach out. This product may have been clinically tested but does that mean just anyone can take it without problems. Let me let you know this too. There is something in this product that’s addictive because my boyfriend has withdrawal symptoms if he happens to forget to take dose. So this pill is really effecting him and I’m scared he may die from taking this product..

I started lean shake 1 month agk and so far i havent seen any lbs drop, which i find weird bc im doing exactly what the lady in the gnc said to do, i substitute breakfast and lunch with a shake, i sometimes use 8-10 oz of fat free milk or water w/4ice cubes, frozen fruit and 1 1/2 scoops of powder and then ever 3 hours i am having a snack at least 100 calories and drinking lots of water throughout the day and them for dinner i have a sensiblw meal, i walk at times, i havent been to the gym in a while bur i have most recently started a 30day challenge for my abs & squats and it feels good to work put again… but idk whay im doung wrong… am i suppose to be eating more with ghe shakes?.. b4 lean shake i was on slim fast and i lost 10lbs, but i havenr lost anything on lean shake, so far i tried snickerdoodle whivh is delicious & chocolate peanut butter, which i find it to be very bland… i thought i would love it ans it barley taste like it, so that wont be the next flavor i get again… but please someone help me bx idk what im doung wrong, when first started i was only doung 1 scoop for eavh shake but ir was too milky or watery so now im doing 1 1/2…

Gnc products like steroids

gnc products like steroids


gnc products like steroidsgnc products like steroidsgnc products like steroidsgnc products like steroidsgnc products like steroids