East german zfk

Relatively small sized, light weight, high velocity military service cartridges like the ×39mm allow a soldier to carry more ammunition for the same weight compared to their larger and heavier predecessor cartridges, have favourable maximum point-blank range or "battle zero" characteristics and produce relatively low bolt thrust and free recoil impulse, favouring light weight arms design and automatic fire accuracy. [30] Tests measured the free recoil energy delivered by the ×39mm AK-74 rifle at  J ( ft·lb), compared to  J ( ft·lb) delivered by the ×39mm in the AKM. [31]

AK74 SCOPE - Original military issue ZFK 4x25 power with Cleaning Gear, Op Manual (in German), Rubber Shades and Carrying Cases in Rain Camo. Calibrated for the round. Fits standard Soviet type side mount dove tail base. NEW CONDITION - P89-15

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East german zfk

east german zfk


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