East german women's swim team 1976

Charlotte Katharine Jocelyn Almond was on on the 30th Sep 1892 at North Esk Lodge Musselburgh. Her father was Hely Hutchison Almond, headmaster of Loretto School ( which is still in existence). Charlotte served as an Orderly with the Scottish Women’s Hospital at Royaumont, France, between July 1918 and September 1918. Her father Hely Hutchinson Almond was Born in 1832 in Glasgow, the son of Reverend George Almond,he showed great academic promise at Glasgow College. He went on to Glasgow University and from there was elected to an Exhibition at Balliol College, Oxford, where he was a Snell Exhibitioner.
He was also an accomplished athlete and secured a place in the eight of the college. It was also here that he started playing rugby. His first appointment was at Loretto School in Musselburgh, Scotland, where he served as a mathematics master before in 1858 becoming a Master at Merchiston Castle School, where rugby had been introduced the year before. In the spring of 1862, Almond purchased Loretto School. Under his leadership the school became the leading rugby nursery in Scotland.
He was one of the umpires of the first international rugby match at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh in the 1871 Scotland versus England rugby union match.
Charlotte’s experiences and time spent as an orderly at Royaumont abbey certainly had an impact on her, as after living in Edzell in Angus and in Fife she moved to London and qualified in medicine, working at the Kings College Hospital as house-Physician in the Children’s Department. In 1923 she married Hugh Johnston but sadly died in 1925 in childbirth.

2004 - Athens was another good Olympics for the USA men, taking 9 of 16 medals(the USA women won 3 gold medals). Pieter van den Hoogenband (Netherlands) repeated int he 100 free, while Gary Hall Jr. (USA) took the 50 free again. Ian Thorpe (Australia) won the 200/400 free. Aaron Peirsol (USA) won the 100/200 back double and Japan's Kosuke Kitajima won the breast double. What's left - the 100/200 fly and 200/400 IM - Michael Phelps, USA showing Olympic Greatness (plus two relay golds). For the women, only Yana Klochkova (Ukraine) won two individual golds (200/400 IM).

Scottie Montgomery is fairly fresh to the coaching game and has thus far avoided any of the dick-ish behavior that’s plagued the D25's previous entries. His coaching methods, at least at the individual level, have certainly paid dividends for a plethora of otherwise average Duke receivers that still managed to find spots on NFL practice squads this preseason, as well as for Crowder, who now finds himself a starter for Washington. I’m not stupid enough to believe any coach can’t post a facade for a student reporter, but Montgomery seems to check out.

East german women's swim team 1976

east german women's swim team 1976


east german women's swim team 1976east german women's swim team 1976east german women's swim team 1976east german women's swim team 1976east german women's swim team 1976