East german tunic

SS-OBERGRUPPENFÜHRER REINHARD HEYDRICH gave this cook book to his wife Lina Heydrich (born von Osten) on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary on 26 December 1933. It contains a handwritten decication by Reinhard Heydrich to his wife and his original signature (first name of course). Glued on the inside of the covers are a "Queen of Hearts" playing card, probably symbolizing Heydrich's love to Lina as well as the original (!) Hitler Youth . card of their son Klaus Heydrich who died in a car accident plus a picture of Lina Heydrich with their daughter Silke! A one-of-a-kind- piece of Heydrich memorabilia, onedepicting the personal side of the (in)famous SS leader! *SOLD*

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East german tunic

east german tunic


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