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The Australians returned in strength the next day, sweeping the area and locating a large number of Viet Cong dead. Although initially believing they had suffered a major defeat, as the scale of the Viet Cong’s losses were revealed it became clear they had won a significant victory. Two wounded Viet Cong were killed after they moved to engage the Australians, while three were captured. The bodies of the missing from 11 Platoon were also located. Two men had survived despite their wounds, having spent the night in close proximity to the Viet Cong as they attempted to evacuate their own casualties.

This very nice and NVA marked Fallschirmjäger-Messer was recently on . First produced in 1937, these utilized a four-inch (100 mm) telescoping, gravity-propelled locking blade. The FJM was issued to paratroopers, primarily for the purpose of cutting a trapped parachutist from his rigging in case he landed with a tangled parachute. / Diese sehr schöne und NVA gekennzeichneten Fallschirmjäger-Messer wurde vor kurzem auf . Erstmals 1937 erzeugt, werden diese verwendet, ein Vier-Zoll (100 mm) Teleskop, Schwerkraftantrieb Verriegelungs Klinge. Die FJM wurde auf Fallschirmjäger begeben, vor allem zum Zweck des Schneidens eines eingeschlossenen Fallschirmspringer aus dem Rigging, falls er mit einem Fallschirm landete verheddert. (Admin2)

East german nva uniforms

east german nva uniforms


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