East german jokes about communism

(I could add a few more examples. One of his gags, 'Is it true that half the Central Committee are idiots?' 'No, that's rubbish. Half the Central Committee are not idiots,' is a version of a story told about Disraeli: 'Mr Speaker, I withdraw that statement. Half the Cabinet are not asses.' As for the wince-making joke about the Russian announcement that a man would land on the Sun - 'But Mr Brezhnev, the cosmonauts will burn up!' 'Do you take me for a fool? They'll be landing at night!' - I distinctly recall being told that one in a school playground, 40 years ago, about the Irish space programme.)

A gag anyone can pull off: “Stick someone’s toothbrush in a Dixie cup of water, and put it in the freezer overnight. Put it back in its normal place in the morning.”

Pearls of wisdom: “Pranks and practical jokes should never be confused. A practical joke is something you pull on coworkers, like the guys in Utah who transformed their vacationing colleague’s cubicle into a small cottage, complete with a working doorbell, mailbox, and ceiling fan. A prank goes after the man. For example, there’s a video where Tom Cruise is being interviewed. The interviewer is holding a trick microphone and squirts water in Cruise’s face. Cruise starts chewing him out, and we crack up because, well, Tom Cruise is the man.”

Background: These World War II era cartoons are from Lustige Blätter, a weekly German humor magazine. It predated the Nazi takeover, but adjusted quite nicely to the new era.. The magazine did not carry caricatures, even friendly ones, of Hitler or other Nazi leaders. There were many caricatures of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin. These issues, all published during World War II, contain a mixture of overt propaganda satirizing enemy countries as well as relatively apolitical jokes and cartoons. There is also a lot of anti-Semitic material. For similar material, see a page on the Fliegende Blätter , another weekly humor magazine.

East german jokes about communism

east german jokes about communism


east german jokes about communismeast german jokes about communismeast german jokes about communismeast german jokes about communismeast german jokes about communism