East german intelligence

On 5 February 2003, Colin Powell made the case for a military attack on Iraq in front of the UN Security Council. Powell supported his case with information received from the BND, instead of Mr. Hans Blix and the IAEA . The BND had collected intelligence from an informant known as Rafid al-Janabi alias CURVEBALL, who claimed Iraq would be in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction , apart from torturing and killing over 1,000 dissidents (human persons) each year, for over 20 years. Rafid was employed before and after the 2003 incident which ultimately lead to the invasion of Iraq . The payments of 3,000 Euros monthly were made by a cover firm called Thiele und Friedrichs (Munich).

'East German Foreign Intelligence solidly documents what a dedicated and determined intelligence service, free of the constraints of democratic society, can accomplish. As a work of research and analysis, the book is a benchmark for historians and intelligence professionals.' - Hayden Peake, Studies in Intelligence 'The book is fascinating and informative, and it does help us to separate the reality of the HVA from the melodramatic LeCarre-tinged myth. Indeed, it shows that this reality may even make a better story.' - German Studies Review 'As a work of research and analysis, the book is a benchmark for historians and intelligence professionals.' - Studies in Intelligence -- Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine vergriffene oder nicht verfügbare Ausgabe dieses Titels.

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East german intelligence

east german intelligence


east german intelligenceeast german intelligenceeast german intelligenceeast german intelligenceeast german intelligence