East german ddr shepherd

If you’ve never owned a GSD before you want to make sure you make the right choice. You will probably be looking for one with a medium drive, balanced nerves, clear head and does not push back too much. Picking out a quality GSD is vital for understanding what the possible outcomes will be. Making sure the puppy you get has the genetics you’re looking for is only the first step. Making sure the puppy receives proper training and socialization will also determine the outcome. Show lines would probably fit what you are looking for but a properly bred and trained working line with medium drive should also be considered. We are currently taking deposits on 2 different litters of working lines which may produce what you are looking for. If you decide to go with a show line I currently only have one adult male and no planned breeding at this time. You can contact my friend Anthony at http://

Thank you so much for this site!!! You have completely educated me and helped me realize Czech is not for us :) that said I’d LOVE your opinion for our situation.
I have two children age 11 & 13. The 11 yo really needs a stable dog and a quasi service dog for emotional support for his anxiety. I work from home so will be with the dog almost always. But I love trail running here in the mountains of Colorado off leash with my dog. A couple of questions –
What GSD type breed might you suggest?
Are there any excellent breeders in Colorado, or do you suggest I fly to California (which would be fine too)?
Are their puppy temperament traits I should look for so I can trail run off leash in the mountains with him?
Thank you!!!!


East german ddr shepherd

east german ddr shepherd


east german ddr shepherdeast german ddr shepherdeast german ddr shepherdeast german ddr shepherdeast german ddr shepherd