East german ak quality

I am not an AR fan, nor an AK fan, but I would love to own one of each just for fun. Both do what they were designed to do, and quite well. The AR is lightweight, easy to carry and shoot, and allows you to carry a lot of ammo. The AK is more powerful, more reliable in its cheapest form compared to the AR cheapest form, and extremely less expensive! Both have good availability of ammo, though the AR ammor seems to be a bit more expensive. Either will take down a human in combat, which is what both were designed to do! The AR in it’s more expensive iterations is pretty reliable, but still you just are not going to rival the reliability of the AK in an AR, no matter what!

and 2 cm Flak Crew Manual - WW2 Era Issue

Handbuch für Den Flakartilleristen (Der Kanonier) , Handbook for the Flak Artillery Crew (The Cannonier).   Dated 1941, 8th Improved Edition.  Paperback, 67 pages. This manual is a translation of parts of the 1941 Handbook for the Flak Artillery. The only sections contained herein are the basics for each gun, and the detailed descriptions of the tasks for each crewmember during setup and firing. It does not contain the artillery geometry, theory, communication, or aircraft recognition sections of the original 204 page manual.
Please reference "Flak Crew" on your order.
$17 – includes . first class postage.
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East german ak quality

east german ak quality


east german ak qualityeast german ak qualityeast german ak qualityeast german ak qualityeast german ak quality