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On the 1910 federal census, Esther Ward is 6 years old living with her father, Alfred Ward, age 32, married 13 years, and his wife Nellie age 28. They have another daughter, Mary, age 12 and (apparently) a son, Alec Chasing Hawk, age 2. Alec’s father is listed as having been born in Montana and mother South Dakota, white everyone else and their parents are listed as born in South Dakota – so Alec is a bit of an enigma. They also live with a man I would presume to be Alfred Ward’s’s father, although he could be Nellie’s father, as he is listed only as “father” but generally that is the relationship to the head of the household. Jerome Chasing Hawk, age 78, so born in about 1832, widowed, Sioux, a Ration Indian. However, we later discover that Alfred Ward’s father is Clarence “Roan Bear” Ward and his mother is Estella DuPris, so the identity of Jerome Chasing Hawk is quite a mystery.

“The City’s investment in the ‘Cars Sharing Main Street’ project, improvements to Fountain Plaza and the Queen City Pop-Up program are drawing more people into downtown’s central business district to shop – as well as cultivating an environment for local small businesses to thrive,” said Mayor Brown, noting that this initiative builds on the economic momentum in Buffalo where over $ billion in new investment is underway, which is expected to create over 12,000 new jobs over the next few Request for Proposals was issued in September to identify local retailers interested in participating in the 2017 Holiday Edition of Queen City Pop-Up. A selection committee, made up of representatives from the Queen City Pop-Up partner organizations, reviewed the proposals and determined the program winners. Six local retailers were selected to participate this cycle: Huggins Home Décor; Black Fawn Exchange; Dollhouse Boutique; Ebony Snow’s Hair Care and Enhancements; Abstract Wealth Clothing and Wrapped with Love Jewelry. These retailers offer a unique mix of items, including home décor, vintage clothing, women’s shoes, all-natural hair products, men’s clothing and handcrafted jewelry.

Buffalo hump due to steroids

buffalo hump due to steroids


buffalo hump due to steroidsbuffalo hump due to steroidsbuffalo hump due to steroidsbuffalo hump due to steroidsbuffalo hump due to steroids