Bicipital groove steroid injection

1/3 of the way up the posterolateral humerus

  • 95904 Nerve conduction, amplitude and latency/velocity study, each nerve; motor with F-wave study, each nerve ; sensory
  • 95934 H-reflex , amplitude and latency study; record gastrocnemius/soleus muscle
  • 95936 Record muscle other than gastrocnemius/soleus muscle
  • Upper 1/3 of posterior humerus SHARE Facebook Twitter
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    Biceps Tendon Sheath Injection - Lateral View

  • Mark the injection site with the pen tip in order to leave an impression in the skin — Point of maximal tenderness in bicipital groove.
  • Clean the skin thoroughly with as many alcohol swabs as needed (usually only one is needed).
  • Patient position: Lying supine with arm supinated
  • With the 25G needle/syringe, enter the skin going cephalad at a 20-30-degree angle .  If you enter tough, gritty tissue (biceps tendon), pull back a mm or two and redirect at a more shallow angle to get under the tendon sheath (of the long head of the biceps).
  • Aspirate to make sure you’re not in any vessel.
  • After negative aspiration, inject the full contents of the syringe.  Redirect or withdraw the needle slightly if it isn’t flowing easily (DO NOT INJECT UNDER PRESSURE — YOU’RE LIKELY IN THE ACTUAL BICEPS TENDON)
  • Withdraw the needle and apply band-aid.
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    Bicipital groove steroid injection

    bicipital groove steroid injection


    bicipital groove steroid injectionbicipital groove steroid injectionbicipital groove steroid injectionbicipital groove steroid injectionbicipital groove steroid injection